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Clarksdale Things to Do

The following links are suggestions to help make the most of your visit to Clarksdale, MS.

Welcome to Clarksdale, MS from Chilly Billy and DBTours

Top 10 Things to do in Clarksdale

If you are considering coming to the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Clarksdale, then you will want to consider these Top 10 Things to do. LINK TO FULL ARTICLE “Top 10 Things To Do in Clarksdale”
1. Listen to Live Music. Clarksdale has outstanding live music 365 days a year, 7 nights a week. 2. Visit our Delta Blues Museum and the Tennessee Williams Rectory Museum (by appointment). 3. Dine in one of our many restaurants. Read more about them here. 4. Visit an art gallery. 5. Take a canoe trip on the Mississippi River or Sunflower River with John Ruskey’s Quapaw Canoe Company.
6. Peruse the Carnegie Public Library. 7. Spend some money in our retail stores. 8. Take a Delta Bohemian Tour with Chilly Billy. 9. Attend a church on Sunday morning or Wednesday night. 10. Spend the night at one of the many unique accommodations in Clarksdale. Visit Best Places to Stay in Clarksdale.

Sounds Around Town

Clarksdale has live music 365 days a year, 7 nights a week. Stay up-to-date with what is going on by reading Cat Head’s Blues & Folk Art Roger Stolle’s Sounds Around Town in Clarksdale.
Clarksdale local music venues to visit on Sounds Around Town
Sounds Around Town lists Clarksdale local music venues to visit and is updated weekly


Watch this fun and informative video about Clarksdale featuring Charlie Musselwhite and Chilly Billy, showing you why so many people are making it a must-stop destination.


Clarksdale has a variety of live music venues. Read more about each of them in this article, so you can know what to expect prior to your visit. Ie: Cash only. Beer only. BYO wine and spirits. Etc…
Red's Blues Club is a great Clarksdale local music venue to visit
Red’s Blues Club is a great Clarksdale local music venue to visit
Top Ten Juke Joint Rules


Chilly Billy gives visitors to Clarksdale some helpful tips when patronizing a juke joint like Red’s Blues Club. These “rules” will ease your mind and put you square in the middle of cool.

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