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Images, Videos, and Documentaries of the Mississippi Delta

Our Delta Bohemian Youtube Channel contains over 400+ videos mostly filmed and inspired by our life in Clarksdale and the Mississippi Delta. We are not professional documentarians but we do enjoy sharing our unique and quirky perspective of our life here at home.

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Documentary about Clarksdale with Charlie Musselwhite

This is a documentary about Clarksdale, Mississippi, heart of the Mississippi Delta and home of the birthplace of the blues, and why so many people from all over the world are drawn to this unique town. Charlie Musselwhite loves Clarksdale and he let us follow him around some. Includes footage from various music venues in town.

Mississippi Delta Snow Geese

No matter what time of year or weather, the Mississippi Delta landscape always borders on spectacular. We welcome millions of water fowl on their annual migration. Watch and see some Mississippi Delta Snow Geese with Chilly Billy and Dandy!

Highway One – Eric Tingstad and The Delta Bohemian

This short film features a multitude of life in the Mississippi Delta and Clarksdale all shot from roads. The hypnotic music is used by permission and is by Eric Tingstad from his CD titled MISSISSIPPI. The song featured in this video is called “Highway One” from his CD titled MISSISSIPPI.

Delta Wildlife Seen on ONE Delta Bohemian Tour

Read more about this video HERE.

Quicksand in the Mississippi Delta after the Mississippi River Flood of 2011

Unedited video a Mississippi Delta farmer took on his land near Clarksdale and close to the river within a month after the great Mississippi River Flood of 2011. The raw video shows how much of his farm land which had been covered/flooded by the river now has the illusion of being dry but as demonstrated, is actually quicksand in disguise.

Stages of a Cotton Plant With a Pigweed Addendum

Chilly Billy explains the Stages of a Cotton Plant while out in the field “chopping cotton.” Read more about it here:

Mississippi Delta Sunset while driving down Highway 49

Chilly Billy on his way to the Viking Cooking School in Greenwood, where the movie THE HELP was filmed. He was traveling South down Highway 49 out of Clarksdale, past Sumner, and through Tallahatchie County. He marveled at the Mississippi Delta Sunset and spontaneously started singing. Poor William has never said he was a singer but he does enjoy singing. Enjoy this Delta Bohemian raw video.

Alligators in the Mississippi Delta

On March 4th and 5th, 2012, Chilly Billy took two Delta Bohemian Tours. First you will see photographs taken on 3/4/12. Next you will see video of alligators taken on 3/5/12.

Today 3/5/2015, ice and snow and sleet is frozen on the ground in Mississippi Delta. This is a joyful look back and a longing for warmer days and more Delta Bohemian Tours.


Skamania Clarksdale MS Delta Eric Tingstad Sounds

Lots of SKAMANIA scenes in CLARKSDALE and the MISSISSIPPI DELTA with music used by permission by Eric Tingstad from his CD titled “MISSISSIPPI.” The song featured in this video is called “Skamania” from his CD titled “MISSISSIPPI.”

Whitetail Deer displaced during Mississippi River Flood 2011 in the Mississippi Delta

The Mississippi River flooded in May 2011. Many animals perished or were displaced during the flood. The Delta Bohemians filmed many displaced Whitetail Deer in a wheat field near Friars Point, in the heart of the Mississippi Delta on May 24, 2011. Fascinating to watch and entertaining too!

Sunset Over Moon Lake

Sunsets in the Mississippi Delta are beyond description, from the sublime and simple to jaw-dropping. Watch this particular sunset on Moon Lake with music from the CD “Mississippi” by the gifted Eric Tingstad. Photos are unedited!!!

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