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Mississippi Delta Tour Prices

Group in front of Tour Jeep

If Chilly Billy has been told it once, he has been told it 100’s of times, “we would never have discovered or learned about all the information you shared with us and showed us had we not taken your highly informative Delta Bohemian Tour!”

Each of Chilly Billy’s tours are chocked full and the only thing limiting you is time and money. European Andrea Vlonk once took a 12+ hour tour with Billy and left still wanting more!

Jeep Wrangler Driving Tour

$65 per hour up to 2 people
Additional passengers $10 each per hour

  • Maximum 4 passengers
  • 2 hour minimum
  • 3+ hours recommended, can include river

Larger Group Rates

Billy is open to bus groups or using optional vehicles for his tours to accommodate more passengers. Just ask.

Festival and Holiday Rates

Billy limits the number of daily tours he gives during festivals and holidays, so book early.

Increased hourly rates apply during festivals and holidays. ​

Discounts and Combining Tours

Discounts are not available. Please do not ask for one.
All tours are private. We do not combine separate groups and/or individuals.

Billy accepts cash, checks or credit card payments at the conclusion of his Delta Bohemian Tours.
Tips appreciated.

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